Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back ... sort of

Thank you everyone who sent messages wondering why I had dropped off the face of the earth lately! Well, the rather exciting discovery that we are expecting baby number 2 in March 09 was followed by all the not so nice parts of prenancy.

Pregnancy doesn't suit me - rather than a pregnant glow I develop a pregnant palour, spending most of my time being violently ill and the rest so tired I can barely move! Actually, it hasn't been quite as bad this time as it was with Munchkin, but I have found that I'm just not myself these days ... and definately not Domestically Blissed.

I just can't bring myself to keep this blog going at the moment, my deep passion for social causes and the world at large had been replaced by a shameful raging apathy. It takes energy to have principles and passion.

But I do love to write, and I love the blogging community, so I will start a new blog at Playingallday.blogspot.com. I want to record some of the fun play stuff we do around here, and how wonderful life is with a 2 year old.

See you there

Gypsy xx