Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just call me a Steiner mum

Goodwitch posted this gorgeous poem recently which had me laughing so loudly I nearly woke the Munchkin.

Waldorf Moms
Waldorf moms wear cotton socks

Woolen sweaters, Birkenstocks.
Waldorf moms have long full skirts,
Big silk scarves and layered shirts.
Waldorf moms have fluffy hair,
They’re kind and firm and make you share.
Waldorf moms drive Volvo cars
And talk of fairies, gnomes, and stars.
Waldorf moms love Waldorf meetings
Where they greet with Waldorf greetings.
Waldorf moms make Waldorf dolls
From purest wool and cotton balls.
Waldorf moms drink lots of tea
Which has been grown organically.
Waldorf moms serve fruits and meats.
Veggies, grains, and not much sweets.
Their favorite word is “nourishing.”
They love to hike and knit and sing.
They leave the gluten out of bread
And make you spend twelve hours in bed.
And if you fall and scrape your knee
They give you rescue remedy!

I think all of us that spend any time at Steiner schools can relate to this, and it made me realise just how Steiner-ish I am becoming.

I was in fact drinking organic tea while reading this poem. I am about to start knitting my first dishcloth. I carry rescue remedy in my handbag. I have my eye on a pair of gorgeous red Birkenstocks. I recently found myself discussing the importance of keeping toddlers in bodysuits and vests to strengthen their etheric . And when Hubby was concerned my newly planted veggies might get eaten by the slugs I replied "its OK, the gnomes will protect them".

With some of my other friends (not those of you that read this of course) I can feel like the odd one out, with my organic snacks, woolly clothing, wooden toys, and not knowing the words to the Wiggles songs.

So I really value having a couple of mornings a week where I can hang out with kindred spirits. Where everyone knows that you give a child Belladonna for fever, where they can tell you the best place to buy spelt flour and what to do with kale. Where the first aid box has arnica and rescue remedy but no Savlon. Where people say things like 'heart feelings' and 'the fairies must have come' and no one blinks an eye. Where every second car in the parking lot has a Greens or GE free bumper sticker. (And no, they are not all Volvos!)

I might laugh out loud at that poem, but really, I love being a Steiner mum.


Patience said...

It's a wonderful poem, isn't it? I envy you the ability to indulge your Waldorf nature :-)

Nikki said...

It seems I'm a waldorf mum without the waldorf school lol. If only they did bake their bread gluten free it would have made playgroup there much easier when we did go.

Dawn said...

I laughed when I read this. It is nice to have a place where people understand me- blogging is where I find that as well.

Lizz said...

Right, so very right!

I'd love to put this on my you know who wrote it originally? I've seen it elsewhere.

thegoodwitch said...

hehe. Gnomes protecting the garden veg...did DH look at you like you had grown another head??? Thank heavens for tolerant husbands. Wait until your Munchkin is old enough to say to you, "You're such a STEINER mom!" Talk about demoralising.

Anonymous said...

Neat poem, but I'm not the good mother cause I have savlon, and I do know the words to the wiggles songs. What are Birkenstocks?

kimberlee & Lies said...

Haha what a funky poem. I went to a Steiner-oriented school as a kid and it's always been so heartwarming and fun(yes school=fun!!!) to me to be surrounded by teachers AND parents IN the school.
Hope your little one fits the tunic soon... Glad you liked it!
X lies

Gypsy said...

Thanks for all your comments guys :) Lizz, if you have a look over at Welcome to Munchkin Land (Goodwitch's blog) she lists who wrote it!
Highway Cottage - Birkenstocks are very cool leather hippy shoes - they are actually very funky! I'll forgive you the wiggles, some of my best friends have kids that only seem to own Wiggles tee-shirts :)

Poppy & Mei said...


RunninL8 said...

I hear ya! It's hard to find like minded folks in Alaska-it's such a conservative state. Although I wish it wasn't through a computer, I'm glad to have found people with a similar lifestyle.

Poppy & Mei said...

Ha ha ha...had to look "antipodean" up! ;P Xxx

Grace said...

very funny and fun! of course, you don't have to be all those things to be a steiner mama ... but it's revealing that many of us are. ;)

I tend to be a bit more glam than the average steiner mama, though.