Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take my advice - I'm clearly not using it

So having written about the value of a simple life, I had to laugh at myself today when I realised how darned busy I have been the last two days. Pair this hysterical busy-ness with a week of appalling sleep from our teething 8 month old and voila - its 8pm on a Friday night and I am already in my pyjamas and writing this from bed. On the verge of collapse, or at least tears, from exhuastion. (Yes, my husband is probably right that I am a tad melodramatic).

Why do I do this to myself? Even with the best of intentions to simplify my schedule I keep saying 'yes' and finding myself in a flurry of playdates.

I could ... should .... have postponed the back to back playdates today given the complete lack of sleep. My friends wouldn't have minded. I could have walked up the road, got a really strong takeaway coffee and headed to the library. The day could have been peaceful.

But instead this morning I frantically baked a big batch of cupcakes, organised some activities for the kids to do and tried to do the days jobs before visitors arrived 9.30. It then seemed I spent the whole day battling with Munchkin who is in a phase where she wants to 'whack' everyone and everything that frustrated her. Now, I'm behind on the washing, I don't have bags packed for our outings tomorrow and after dinner I had to quickly cook up a kilo of chicken so that it can go in the freezer before it spoils ... with Little Guy on my hip. A peaceful day would have been so much better for all involved.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the company. In fact, I crave company which is why I tend to do this to myself. But we all pay the price.

So this time, I'm taking my own advice - I'm off to sleep!


PlanningQueen said...

I know exactly what you mean. I made the right decision earlier today to knot catch up with friends, but instead hang out at home with my little ones and play. I am however making a pretty crap decision by being up this late right now!

sarah patience said...

I hope your sleep was refreshing and you are heading into a peaceful weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's always a balance. Always learning. Take this experience to teach you how to nourish yourself better in the future.

I struggle with this too. Finding the right mixture of things away from the house and things at home. Always growing, learning.

Dawn said...

I feel your pain. ;) I do that to myself all too often. Get some rest!

Heart Felt said...

We sound like peas in a pod...I do the same thing ~ can't sit still when I should have my feet up...usually go to bed so exhausted I can't's hard to find a balance sometimes. Take care......xx

gardenmama said...

Many warm wishes to a peaceful weekend! xo

Angela Mobley said...

Where are you dear? Hope things are going well with you! thinking about you-