Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome to Blogger

Welcome to Domestically Blissed at Blogspot.

I'm hoping Blogger will let me create a prettier, easier to read blog, and it means I can use librarything which I just love (see my list of books in the sidebar, it will change all the time!). Lots of people have also said they want to leave comments but couldn't before, so hopefully Blogger will make this easier too.

You'll find my personal favourite posts popping up here in the archives as I transfer them. Its been really interesting reading my old posts, its just a shame I can't transfer comments.

Please bear with me if thinks look a little odd from time to time while I 'settle in' to my new blog home.

Also, for those of you kind enough to have me in your 'favourites' pages, please change my link when you get a moment. Thank you!

Gypsy xx


maymomvt (or Sarah) said...

I'm glad you did this. There have been a couple of times I wanted to comment and couldn't!

baby~amore' said...

much easier to comment - congratulations

Anonymous said...

Hi Gypsy, I wonder what the trouble was? So far I've found WP much easier in general, and have had trouble lately with the OpenID function in Blogger comments. But it will be fun to see how you design your new space!

Dawn said...

Someone just asked me yesterday how to leave a comment on your blog ;)

Gypsy said...

Thanks for your welcome everyone. I'm glad y'all found me here!Anthromama I have no idea what the problem was at WP - my fonts were going all screwy, things were jumping around, and I couldn't sort out the comments situation. Even my very techy brother couldn't work it out! Fingers crossed Blogger workds!!!

nova_j said...