Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Make My Day

The lovely Dawn at Renaissance Mama sent me a 'You Make My Day' blog award. That's so sweet - thank you very much Dawn!

I want to pass this on to Gabes at SweetPKnits. Gabes is a wonderful knitter whose blog makes me seriously considering taking to the needles. She has patiently answered my knitting questions, and between us we have seriously improved what my Mother in Law is knitting!

Gabes has designed a free pattern for a little ear flap pilot cap. She has done this as a fundraising initiative for Child Cancer - so if you love the pattern, knit it up and send some money to your local Child Cancer foundation.

A good project and a good cause. It Makes My Day!


Dawn said...

I already have way too many blogs that I try to keep up with on a daily basis but I couldn't resist subscribing to this knitting blog you linked to- it's great! I am not a knitter yet, just a wannabe, but reading something like this is sure to inspire me to get to work on learning to knit.
Also, I love the book list you have on your sidebar.

sweetp said...

Aww thank you Gypsy. That is very sweet and I am really pleased you like the pattern. I am always keen to convert people to knitting so keep firing the Questions :)