Tuesday, July 8, 2008

H is for ...

Hypocrite! I must confess dear readers that I have bought something that is neither made from natural fibres, and is definately made in China.

I bought Munchkin a Kathmandu polar fleece hoodie. They are pretty much the Kiwi kids uniform you see - lightweight, very warm, easy to wash and quick to dry. I was frustrated at the wear and tear on her beautiful woollen jumpers, and how bundled up she need to be to stay warm outside. It was cold, Kathmandu is close to my house, they were having their big 'sale' (no one buys Kathmandu at full price!) and well, I succumbed to consumer tempation.

I am not sure whether Kathmandu have any kind of ethical manufacturing policy. I can't find any evidence of it - even for their 'organic' line of clothing. I've emailed them - I'll let you know if I get a response.

My social conscience started clanging so loud, that I went next door to Trade Aid and bought Munchkin a beautiful soft ball made by a women's Fair Trade co-operative in Guatemala. Kind of like having a diet coke with your Big Mac, but it made my feel better.


Dawn said...

;) It's pretty tough to avoid made in China all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, sometimes the practicalities win. :)

I really had to admit that to myself when we moved to New York and had to buy snow clothes and boots. Sure, people used to just wear loads of wool. But I like our waterproof stuff better. And I compromise by making sure the layers next to the kids' skins are as natural as possible.

thegoodwitch said...

Har Har Har! We bought biggie a polar fleece vest from Kathmandu this weekend....she has been BEGGING for a vest like her dad's. Oh well, 80/20 rule: if you do 80% right, you can forgive the 20% wrong. I have felt bad because we've been running the heaters around the clock.