Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Procrastination Game

We've been an infectious lot around here for the last week and a half. With a nasty 'flu (I hate to use the term flu lightly, but this is doctor diagnosed 'flu!!!) and conjunctivitus - things have been somewhat chaotic.

The upside of all this illness is that its made me realise how vitally important 'systems' are to running a house - and how quickly things turn to custard when the systems fly out the window. So because we were sick I didn't do a menu plan, I just shoppped on the fly. Result - we ate all sorts of unusual meals because I didn't have the right ingredients, I had to do an emergency trip to the shops for more yoghurt, and I through out a whole shopping back of unused fruit and veggies yesterday. The waste ... the shame ...

So today's email from Flylady seemed particularly apt

"One of the worst places of procrastination has to do with preparingmeals--not taking food from the freezer, not making a shopping list,not having a prepared pantry. All these "nots", make for mealtimemayhem--a place we don't want to go.Let's face it: we all have our own dinner table fantasies. A lovelydinner served on a lovely table while fresh scrubbed, happy-facedchildren compliment their mother on the wonderful, home-cooked mealand dad is home on time to take part. How much of this is reality?Probably not much. Kids have soccer, mom has a job and everyone isgoing in a million different directions. Even though there are certain parts of that fantasy we can't make happen, there are certain parts we can make happen"

When I first started blogging I was pretty religious about Menu Planning Monday - and it worked really well for me. I fell off the MPM bandwagon though because honestly, who wants to know what I'm having for dinner every night? And, the perfectionist in me says that if I'm going to do Menu Planning Monday I should be as organized as Planning Queen who posts recipes files and shopping lists each week! ButI firmly believe that public accountability gets results - so here is what we are having for dinner for the rest of this week ...

Organic beef and garlic sausages, home made potato and kumara wedges, carrot and parsnip ribbons, broccoli.

Steak sandwiches with salad greens, tomatoes, caramelised onions ... and more home made wedges. I have lot of great agria potatoes to use up!

Spaghetti bolognaise, with leftover salad from Thursday. And something yummy for dessert ... maybe a lemon cake as I have lots of lemons to use up too.

Parents to the rescue with some 'meals on wheels'. My Dad's wife is something of a gourmet legend so its going to be great.

Leftover pie

And for those of you asking what leftover pie is .....

Leftover pie
3 medium potatoes, peeled, cubed and par-boiled
4 eggs, beaten
3 sausages, or other left over meat, diced
cubes of fetta, or other left over cheese, diced
red or yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, or other suitable veggies
Pan fry the potatoes. Add them to the beaten eggs along with the ‘leftovers’ and return to the fry pan. Cook on each side until well cooked. Great hot or cold, serve with lots of relish and some salad.


Dawn said...

That Leftover pie sounds delicious. I used to post my menus on my blog as well and fell out of the habit. You're really is quite useful.
I hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon.

patience said...

I'm so sorry you have been unwell. It does seem to be going around. I hope you recover soon.

Anne said...

Hope your feeling better.
My 2 boys had a cold and conjunctivitus last week as well....

thegoodwitch said...

OK, it took me a while to accept my utter incompetence, not at cooking, but at meal planning. I finally broke down and bought meal/menu plans from and the whole family loves them. You are welcome to email me if you want more info. :-) I hope you feel better for out purported monster storm!

planningqueen said...

I hope you are feeling better. I like public accountability too! The left over pies, sounds like a great way to use up left over food.

Teaching Handwork said...

get better soon.

RunninL8 said...

Yikes! So sorry you've all been having a sickly time of it. Hope all are well soon-sending out health vibes!!!!

RunninL8 said...

Hope all is well and that you have all enjoyed your summer!

Jessica said...

I totally miss you! I hope everything is okay. Please shoot me an e-mail if you get a chance.

Green Mamma