Saturday, August 1, 2009

Circle time songs for full moon days

It might not be scientific fact but most parents, teachers, ambulance drivers ... even check-out operators ... swear that the full moon has an effect for the worse on children's behaviour. Children seem to find it harder to settle, they seem rowdier, more aggressive and more tantrum prone. Its been just my luck that on the few occassions that I have led our playgroup circle, its been on a full moon day!

Just getting everyone to sit down can be impossible on days like this! So, a great suggestion I was given by our old playgroup teacher is to literally 're-form' the space by bringing the children (or child) together and doing a really 'active' circle time.

Active songs and finger plays help children focus their energy, while at the same time bringing everyone in the group into harmony. Finger plays that require a bit of concentration are great for calming things down, and for changing the energy of the day.

To start, a little bit of 'follow the leader' - getting a couple of children to come with you while you 'pick up' the other children while singing whatever song you use to start circle. Think 'pied piper' here! I haven't tried it, but a big game of 'ring a rosie' could be a good way to all end up sitting down in a circle!

Once everyone is together, some of my favourite action songs are

Galoop went the little green frog last night

Head shoulders knees and toes

Row row row your boat.

I'm a little teapot

One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

So, I'd love to know - what are the favourite full moon day songs and activities at your place?


Anonymous said...

i LOVE circle time with my little ones!
we like the "dip dip dip, my blue ship" song a lot, & the one about left & right who are going to fight.

GrowingBump said...

I suppose you can call time with one Mummy and 3 kids circle time?

We like Lula lula, Waddley Archer, head shoulders knees and toes, row row, and made up nonsense songs (which I am not good at but miss 3YO is and the rest of us follow). Of course, there's none more popular than "Little Fish" ;-)

Dawn said...

I've never thought of changing circle time activities to fit with full moon days, but what a great idea! I do notice a difference in activity and behavior on those days.