Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Winter Story

I thought I would share one of our winter stories with you. This one is gorgeous .. and very easy to do.

To start, take a square of muslin or a flat nappy, and tie a knot at the top, and then two of the other corners into knots as well. If you hold it by the top knot, you'll see you'll have a very basic doll. Then, get a pair of baby booties to use later in the story - these go on the second two knots which become the dolls feet. (does it make sense .. if not I will try to take a photo).

Anyway, the story.
There was a giant big and bold
Whose feet were getting rather cold
He came one day into our town
And walked the streets both up down.
The giant cried most piteously
"My toes are freezing bitterly"
Along came a gnome who was old and wise
Who offered him some sage advice
He found a piece of pretty stuff
The giant thought it good enough
He wrapped it round, the pain was eased
The giant went home, both warm and pleased!
Hope you like it!


sarah haliwell said...

thank you for this lovely story :-)

Heart Felt said...

This is such a gorgeous stories and so simple...thanks for sharing! x

Dawn said...

I do like it! I'm bookmarking this and saving it for our winter.

Anonymous said...

such a sweet and lovely story! thank you : )

Angela Mobley said...

I love the giant and gnome story. Thanks for passing it along!