Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleeping Montessori Style ... Floor Beds

Just a quick break from my very loooonnnggg posts on the areas of play (I hope to have Messy Play up in the next couple of days).

A friend kindly forwarded me a link to the University of Auckland's early years education journal, which is now available online. And in it, along with a very interesting article on gun play, was this article about Montessori Floor Beds.

Its an article from the floor bed concept, which I first came across in 'How to raise an amazing child' (could there be a worse name for a book???)

Munchkin was in a 'floor bed' when we stopped co-sleeping at about 9 months. It meant I could still co-sleep part time, and she slept so well there ... while she never settled in a cot. This article explains the ins and outs of it extremely well, I encourage you to have a read!


nova_j said...

will have a look :) not that my kids actually *sleep* lol..

(and i'm the proud 2nd generation owner of "How to be a gifted parent"!! points to my parents for trying i suppose ;) )

Mary said...

Thanks for the link to the journals. Would love to do some writing on some of that stuff....bit busy now unfortunately!

Mary said...

oh - and I love the floor beds concept. We did a similar thing with our oldest (mix of co-sleeping + mattress on the floor).