Friday, May 9, 2008

Autumn Singalong

Oh we've been having some autumnal fun at Playgroup this week.

The weather was miserable today, so rainy that the garden was a muddy quagmire. I don't actually know what a quagmire is, but I do love the word.

The beeswax crayons came out, and we managed to use the planks of wood from the benches to create indoor climbing frames. Our teacher brought along an amazing old fashioned apple corer that not only cores the apples but peels them and creates a spiral of apple. The kids were fascinated - we peeled a lot of apples! Its amazing how creative a bunch of mums can be.

We have been singing some lovely new autumn songs during circle time that I thought I'd share:

"The leaves are green, the apples are red'
They hang so high above my head
Leave them alone till windy weather
And they'll come tumbling down together

The leaves are green, the nuts are brown
They hang so high they won't fall down
Leave them alone till frosty weather
And then they'll all fall down together"

"I had a little apple on my apple tree
As small and round as an apple can be
And then one day it started to grow .....

I had a little apple on my apple tree
As small and round as an apple can be
And then one day it started to grow .....

It grew so big ... and red .... and ROUND
It just had to fall down to the ground"

"The river called softly to the leaves on the trees
I am waiting to take you on a journey with me.
So the leaves fell down softly on a quiet autumn day
And they floated with the river far fa-ar away"

"Five little leaves so bright and gay, (hold up five fingers)
Were dancing about on a tree one day
The wind came blowing through the town
(everyone blow loudly)
And one little leaf came fluttering down

Four little leaves so bright and gay.... (repeat poem)

One little leaf so bright and gay
Was dancing around on the tree one day,

The wind came blowing through the town
And the last little leaf came fluttering down."


Poppy & Mei said...

Beautiul post...Xxx

Poppy & Mei said...

That would be "Beautiful"!
Having a little trouble with my 'F' key...;) Xxx

Teaching Handwork said...

nice to see you on my blog :)
one of your books on your book list is written by the wife of our 8th grade teacher at our school

Teaching Handwork said...

Seven Times the sun I think is the name
Shay Darian

Anonymous said...

That last song is one of our favorites too! Isn't that from one of Mary Schunemann's books? I recommend her songbooks and CDs so much. She passed away this last year, but I was lucky enough to meet and sing with her once, and she really had the voice and smile of an angel.

Dawn said...

Those are such fun little songs and poems. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to incorporate more of this type of thing into my day with my son- he loves those apple peeler machines also.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. What a gem! I can see I'll have to spend time here reading up on what I've missed. Thanks for sharing such great ideas.