Friday, May 2, 2008

Writers Block

I adore reading other mothers blogs. I love getting an insight into the every day details of other peoples lives. I love reading people’s inner thoughts, and struggles. I suspect people share more intimately on their blog than they often do in real life.

I sometimes struggle to write when I think of people I 'know' reading my blog. I worry that they might snigger or judge me somehow. Somehow philosophizing isn’t best done in polite company, but rather in the anonymity of our online selves.

But I'm not feeling particularly philosophical today. Life is busier than I would like it to be at the moment. I seem to be struggling to find any sense of balance between being a mother, a wife, a home maker, a friend, and this pesky career thing I have on the side. So when I sit down to write, a million 'to dos' float around my mind, and nothing else comes.

So, in honour of my current writers block I thought I would share some random posts that I have read recently that I have found particularly inspiring ...

Uncommon Grace

"All this has me thinking about the rituals that we keep when our children are not themselves -- suffering, under the weather, emotionally distressed, etc. Most of the time I kind of think that those times are isolated and somehow not part of our "real life."

And yet, there they are, cropping up and reminding me of the messiness of life. And how important these times of convalescence are: to nourish a sick child's body, to nurture a sorrowful child's spirit, to ease a suffering child's mind. What does it take to do that job? Yes, it takes some real physical things: some eucalytus oil in the vaporizer, a homeopathic remedy under the tongue, a cool cloth on the forehead, a gentle massage of aching muscles.

But most of all, it takes time. Time is the best gift I can give my children, when they need me, and even when they think they don't. Time that sometimes I think I don't have. But if I really take the time to be present with my children, everything else seems to fall into place anyway. That time spent is an even greater gift to me. "

Bluebird Baby

As the little one and I were raking the garden yesterday I began to think of my mother. We had beautiful flower beds around our house growing up. We were always outside gardening or inside baking. I was trying to imagine how much of that would have been lost if we had a computer in our living room. How would I have felt if my mother was online instead of getting her hands dirty in the garden? (And this is in no way said to make anyone feel bad about their computer usage! It's just my feelings about how my time is spent.) Those times spent gardening and baking are some of my fondest memories. I want to make sure the little one has that too.

Soule Mama

I'm a firm believer that one must truly know and love something in order to be believe strongly enough to protect, save and heal it. This philosophy guides the way we parent in so many different areas, and certainly our feelings and beliefs about the Earth are at the top of that. I truly want for my children to love and know the world around them, and as a byproduct, I know (and have already seen) that a sense of caring for it will evolve. I don't want to flood them with doom and gloom of the state of the world, but rather, mindfully give them information as they are ready - as they age, and as emotions mature. I think they know a lot about the state of things, but more than that, they really quite simply are in love with - and still getting to know - the Earth around them.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



Poppy & Mei said...

I've wanted to comment for so long but couldn't work out the wordpress thingo!
Thanks so much for the visits to mine, I love it when I see your name in my in box.
Oh no! Now I have writers block! I'm sure it will pass...;) Xxx

Patience said...

I don't think I could write my weblog if family or friends were reading it. There is such freedom in anonymity. I hope your writer's block passes.

Dawn said...

It looks like we like the same blogs. I regularly read all three of those you quoted. I have told very few of my friends and family about my blog for the very reason you state. One friendship I have with someone in my town has actually grown much closer as a result of us both blogging.

Gypsy said...

Thanks for your comments y'all. Nice to hear from you Poppy & Mei - its great to be at blogger and to get all these comments! Patience and Dawn I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with letting people know I blog - at the moment only my most trusted friends know about it, and there are other friends and family members who I think if I let know about the blog I would never be able to write freely again!

Anonymous said...

It is a struggle to keep all the things your are juggling in the air. And I know what you mean about family and friends reading the blog. Mine do (most), and sometimes I can't say what I want because of that. A bit stifling for sure. Chin up. I love your blog, i find it really inspiring, and you have reallg neat links.

Nikki said...

I was just going to make a suggestion for a book for you to read to help bring some balance to your life, but you're already reading it lol - Buddhism for Mothers.

My blogging is for me, friends who are on similar paths and those who find me and like what I write. Family know I have one but haven't asked where to find me yet!

PS: I also wanted to comment on your other blog too but couldn't figure out the comments thing.